Bosphorus marks the traditional boundary between Asia and Europe also connects The Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara. As well as being an area of natural beauty, the area has incredible historical significance and played an important part in the histories of the Greek, Roman, Ottoman, Persian and Byzantine Empires. For all these reasons and more, Bosphorus cruise is the most popular attraction in Istanbul.


Get Away from the Crowd


Many visitors to Istanbul are using crowded big tour boats or the public ferry, where there is hardly room to move. There is actually a more enjoyable alternative: private yacht cruises in Bosphorus.

Private yacht cruises in Bosphorus with Su Yachts allow private groups without being surrounded by an overwhelmingly large number of other tourists. The best thing about these private Bosphorus cruises is that even though you are enjoying a princely lifestyle, you do not have to pay out a princely fee to be able to afford it!


Istanbul yacht rental prices include the cost of fuel, yacht crew. Alcoholic drinks and meals (including delicious, locally caught fish dishes) which you may wish to purchase on the boat are available at reasonable prices.


Although the minimum length of all of our Bosphorus yacht tours is 2 hours and only covers the old Istanbul segment. It’s recommended to see northern parts of Bosphorus too. When the opportunity is available, many of our guests choose 3 to 4 hours cruises, in order to see more of the Bosphorus.


On our longer trips such as full-day Prince Island Cruises or Mouth of Black Sea cruises, guests are given the chance to drop anchor and swim in some of the nicest and safest spots off of the coast of Turkey.

If younger guests are not entertained by the magic of Bosphorus, there is free wireless on board, as well as TV and sound system which are available for guests to use at any time during the journey.

If you want to enjoy private yacht cruises in Istanbul, contact us. We are the experts in private yacht cruises in Bosphorus.


Private Yacht Cruise Prices:

We have different yacht options at different prices. You can check our pricing page for the yacht photos and the prices.

Bosphorus Cruise Prices


Why choose us?


We are a licensed yacht charter company with our own fleet. We provide yacht rental services to travel agencies and hotels too. However, if you book directly from us, you will get much better deals. Also communicating directly with us will reduce communication errors and we will understand your expectations better.


Our references can help you better understand our service quality. We are working with Turkish Airlines for Bosphorus Experience program to host Business Class passengers. We host presidents of countries, worlds biggest companies CEOs and celebrities.