Private Bosphorus Cruises & Istanbul Yacht Rentals

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The most amazing, unforgettable attraction in Istanbul

Sightseeing tours or special organizations like proposals, birthdays, anniversaries, and whatever else you can think of, whatever you dream of let us do all the work for you. A special day that will never be forgotten is waiting for you!

Private Bosphorus Cruises

You can do a beautiful sightseeing all the way from the deep blue waters of Bosporus to Istanbul’s emerald green forests, or you can just wait for the night and witness all the amazing light shows on a Bosporus. Discover Bosphorus with your luxury private yacht. See the city of Istanbul like never before by taking a yacht tour in Istanbul.


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Private Prince Islands Cruises

Istanbul Islands are just like fantastic cities from fairy tales. Imagine that you are witnessing all this beauty on your private yacht. You get to decide when you want to go and where you want to be. You will have the opportunity to discover uncharted coves that can only be reached by your private yacht.

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Scheduled Yacht Cruises at Sunset

An Istanbul experience without the Bosphorus journey lacks the magic and the best way to do it is to do it at sunset on a yacht.
Now, get on board at our yacht cruises and experience the magic of the Bosphorus and Istanbul from a luxury yacht.

See our hassle-free, all included deal!


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Marriage Proposals

Imagine how special a proposal could be if you were able to ask the person of your dreams for their hand in marriage whilst on a luxury private yacht cruise in the middle of Bosphorus during your special, romantic holiday to Istanbul?


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Private Dinner Cruises in Istanbul

Bring your family and friends to join you for dinner and a long evening of unforgettible moments as you watch the sun set along the Bosphorus.


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Select Your Private Yacht

Take your adventure to the next level with one of our luxury private yachts! You can rent one of these amazing yachts for private Bosphorus cruises in Istanbul. Enjoy your Bosphorus tour that is completely private, taking you into the heart of the vibrant Istanbul. Cruises are completely private and you have the freedom to plan your personalized experience from start to finish in your own time and your own way. You determine the duration, time of day, disembarkation point and our dedicated staff is here to fulfill your needs.

Where Luxury Meets Convenience

Our private yachts are far more convenient and enjoyable than public cruises because you don’t have to deal with other tourists or stay on a crowded cruise. Bring your friends, family and closest loved ones to make your yacht trip a truly memorable experience. Our yachts are perfect for private parties, family tours, and romantic getaways. Get the privacy you need and the peace of mind you deserve.


Your safety is our #1 priority and all of our yachts are fully compliant with all safety regulations and legal requirements. Plus, we are a legally registered Tourism company and our standard of excellence speaks for itself.

Discover the true beauty and breathtaking views up close and personal on one of our private luxury yachts. Transform your vacation into a spectacular experience that will last a lifetime! Contact us today to learn more and book a reservation.

Why choose us?


There is no middleman. Book the best yachts with the best prices.


We work with worlds biggest companies and celebrities.


All of our crew is licensed and hired after extensive tests.


We are registered under Turkish Ministry of Tourism.


You will know exactly how much you will pay.


It’s allways easy to communicate with us.

” We had amazing moments in the boat. Golden Horn, Maidens Tower, historical buildings and the Bosphorus view became more admirable thanks to delicious meal, good service, and helpful personnel. Moreover, boat was really nice and comfortable. Thanks guys! “

– Philipp F.

” Friendly and warm welcome from the staff. Breathtaking Istanbul cruise by a luxury yatch.  Enjoyed the wine and the elegant design of the table with candles. They were always present if help was needed. I will advise you to my friends strongly. “

– Laura G.

” We have just spent our first family holiday in Istanbul. After some googleing, we found your company. Our yacht cruise started on time and everything was as promissed. We are pleased with perfectly orginised tour and your luxury, comfortable yatch. Thank you so much on behalf of my family. “

– Niklas S.