Bosphorus Sunset Cruise

Romance begins with sunset as the sky turns pink if there are clouds and invites you to dream for good things. There are popular sunset spots in the world like sunset in Key West or sunset in Santorini but it’s time to experience the sunset in İstanbul Bosphorus now. İstanbul offers an amazing view with its both modern and historical side. Although there are nice and luxury restaurant options by the Bosphorus in İstanbul, the Bosphorus sunset Cruise option gives a totally different experience. Feel the pleasure and prestige of being on a private Bosphorus sunset cruise with our yacht charter options.

Sunset Bosphorus Cruise by Private Yacht Tour

If you are looking for alternative romantic date plans, you should take the sunset Bosphorus cruise by private yach tour into your bucket list. Our company offers the best sunset cruise on the Bosphorus with great service, dinner options and luxury comfort with the elegance of a motor yacht. Private yacht tour enables you to listen to the sound of waves and if you are lucky, you can also catch the dolphins of the Bosphorus following your route. If you want more, then you can climb up to the flybridge and feel the city lie under your feet as this gorgeous İstanbul Bosphorus sunset cruise on a luxury yacht makes you feel as the princess and prince of the night.
Bosphorus Sunset Cruise
Istanbul Bosphorus Sunset Cruise

How is The Sunset Cruise Route in the Bosphorus?

If you book a private sunset Bosphorus yacht cruise either with your friends and family or loved ones, you can follow different routes. The best sunset Bosphorus İstanbul view can be from the Prince Islands to the old city of İstanbul especially during summer time. If you are new in İstanbul and would like to enjoy the sunset Bosphorus cruise İstanbul, let our crew and captain make the route for you. The only thing you should do then, amaze with the view and chill the time as much as you can, may be take photos with birds and sailing boats with historical city views to make the moment unforgettable.

What is the Duration of the Yacht Bosphorus Sunset Cruise in Istanbul?

We ensure that when you are on a luxury yacht you want to stay forever but we provide the best service and comfort while you are chilling the sunset cruise. You can rent a yacht Bosphorus cruise for a minimum of 2 hours and you have 3 hours to arrange private sunset celebrations with your loved ones. You can call us for more information and reservation details.
- Bosphorus Sunset Cruise
- Bosphorus Sunset Cruise

Are there any options for entertainment during the sunset cruise on the Bosphorus?

We make the sunset cruise İstanbul as delightful as you desire. We can arrange music and a delicious sunset menu with cocktails and drinks. However the beauty of the sunset view is wonderful, we do our best for the service and the comfort of our luxury yacht facilities with its deck. If you want live music, a band or a Turkish belly dancer our agency helps for your extra requests so, for more entertainment options you can contact our sales team.

What is the Person Capacity of the Yacht Bosphorus Sunset Tour?

Our yacht hire offers different motor yachts that can be up to 12 pax in Su and Su Prestige, or you can be 30-36 pax on our Su Orion and Su Royal yachts. All our fleet boats ensure to give comfort and luxury at the same time. Depending on your dinner request the sitting dinner capacity may change however these luxury motor yachts give the luxury and stunning comfort as you may expect.
- Bosphorus Sunset Cruise
- Bosphorus Sunset Cruise

Why Should You Watch the Bosphorus Sunset View on a Yacht?

Being on the sea, especially on a Bosphorus sunset cruise, isolates you from the daily routine. You will forget all the rush, stress or hectic life. You will leave everything behind with a Bosphorus sunset cruise on a luxury yacht and be enchanted by the magical view and atmosphere of the Bosphorus. The motoryacht swims like a swan on the sea that every detail of the city takes you in a dream world. Isn’t it worthy to have such an experience in the city of İstanbul and create emotional and delightful memories by the Bosphorus. The atmosphere of the Bosphorus and the luxury service by our crew make your day indeed!

Sunset Bosphorus Cruise Prices on Yacht

Our company offers a variety of options for private sunset Bosphorus yacht cruises rentals. You can either have the private sunset Bosphorus tour hourly or extend the hours for your festive events like Valentines or birthday events. Depending on the season, your requests and the booking options the price may change but when you fix the price with our team then you can enjoy your evening as you do not need to think about it any more like being in a restaurant or outside. You are on your private yacht for a few hours and everything is set as you wish and planned. As the prices may change please contact our sales team for the best service and price.
- Bosphorus Sunset Cruise

You can call us for detailed information.

FAQ About Bosphorus Sunset Cruise

You can enjoy the best Bosphorus sunset cruise opportunity by having a magical scene between the two continents of Europe and Asia. You can experience the vivid atmosphere with the sea traffic of sailing boats and birds and the historical old city. You can take great photos which makes the Bosphorus unique with all these structures. You feel the privacy and luxury and serenity at the same time just in the middle of the city. Yacht Bosphorus sunset cruise is a magical runaway chance with your friends and loved ones.

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As you reserve privately and we offer you private service, our yacht Bosphorus sunset cruise is suitable for both families with children and friends groups or romantic couples.

Yes, if you request dinner service the sunset cruise tour will be organized with a dinner service package. You can request lighter options with snacks, appetizers and cocktails too.