Istanbul offers some wonderful locations for dinner, but dining in a private yacht on the Bosphorus is absolutely the best. You will be able to get the best views of Istanbul and your scenery will keep changing during your cruise. And also It’s one of the best ways to escape from the hordes of tourists.

All of Su Yacht’s cruises last a minimum of two hours, which will give you enough time to enjoy dinner in this unusual, but the appealing setting. The Bosphorus strait marks the border between Europe and Asia, and the banks are lined with historic sites and areas of natural beauty, which you will be able to gaze upon as your private yacht glides past. If you would prefer to have a longer cruising experience, the Bosphorus dinner cruise can be booked for longer than two hours, in increments of one hour. Each extra hour will be charged at a small hourly rate.

As part of your cruise, you can choose between menus which include locally caught fish specialties and other dishes which have been made famous by the restaurants of Istanbul. Set meals may be served with alcoholic or non-alcoholic accompaniments for those who do not drink, or are not old enough to enjoy alcohol. Su Yacht even offers the option of a cut-price children’s menu for the littlest members of your cruise party. Su Yacht’s Bosphorus dinner cruise is able to cater for up to 36 adults eating a meal. f you would prefer to enjoy your midday meal or evening meal on sure, Su Yacht even offers a breakfast menu cruise as an alternative to the Bosphorus dinner cruise.

There is also an entertainment and sound system for guests who want to listen to music or watch TV whilst they cruise. There is even a free wifi internet connection so guests can upload their holiday photos straight away whilst they enjoy their Bosphorus dinner cruise.

There are also lots of extras which are bookable as part of your Bosphorus dinner cruise, which can be added to your booking to help to make your private yacht experience extra special! You can choose to add a cake or a bottle of champagne if you are celebrating a birthday or other special occasion, or you can even hire the services of our violinist, who will play to you as you eat.

The excellent staff (who are included in the price of yacht hire) will help to make your experience even more special. The yacht’s crew is very experienced to take you to all the best locations in the Bosphorus in the time available.