Bosphorus Dinner Cruise & Yacht Tours

Without a doubt, a Bosphorus dinner cruise is among the most enjoyable and enchanting experiences you can have in Istanbul. Because with this experience, you can enjoy delicious dishes on a luxury yacht. Therefore we suggest everyone who is living in Istanbul or visiting this city to try this experience. This way you can enjoy the magical atmosphere of Istanbul. Also, you can enjoy the sight of historical mansions and palaces while having your dinner.

Su Yachts offers Bosphorus dinner cruise alternatives with a variety of food options for you. You can take a look at our alternatives for an incredible dinner experience in all aspects. From now on you can get the right help for such an organization. Moreover you won’t have to inconvenience yourself in any way for this incredible activity. Also, you will feel very satisfied with this great experience we customize according to your requests. Because your dinner organization will start at the time and location of your choosing. So you will get to enjoy the Bosphorus view on the yacht you chose. Besides you will be able to enjoy delicious dishes at the same time.

What Awaits You In This Experience?

Before anything else, we bring all the food we serve on Bosphorus yacht cruise to the yacht from restaurants. Then we decorate your table in a spectacular way, suitable to special days. After this we serve the delicious food with an elegant presentation. In short this activity is ideal for all kinds of dining organizations. For example, celebrations, romantic dinners, birthday parties, business dinners and family gatherings are some of these.

Besides, we can prepare the yacht according to the meaning and importance of special days. For instance we decorate the table with candles and rose petals for romantic dinners. Aside from this, we prepare different decorations for birthdays or business meetings. So regardless of what kind of organization it may be, a beautiful design awaits you here. Moreover you don’t have to spend any effort for any of this. Because we put together this organization in a detailed manner for you. Therefore all that remains to you becomes enjoying this pleasant activity.

- Bosphorus Dinner Cruise

Our Bosphorus Dinner Cruise Menu


Mixed Breakfast:

Variety of Cheeses

An Assortment of Olives

Variety of Jams

Honey and Traditional Clotted Cream

Fried Egg


Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Peppers

Sweet – Salty snacks

Unlimited Tea – Coffe and Soft Drinks

Lunch and Dinner


7 Kinds of Appetizers

Entree Starters (Shrimp stew and Squid)

Fish (Grilled Sea Bass)

Dessert / Fruit

Unlimited Non-alcoholic Beverages (Alcoholic drinks require extra payment)

Additionally we prepare menus of different kinds. For example, we can create menus such as Mixed Grill, Kebab, Vegetarian or completely customized for you.

Moreover, restaurants send all of the food to the yacht. Therefore you can enjoy restaurant quality food on the yacht.

Also we determine the cruise length, time and boarding location according to your preference. Now you can call us for Bosphorus dinner cruise prices and to make your reservation.

You can call us for detailed information.