Birthday Party on a Luxury Yacht

Yatta Doğum Günü Kutlama - Teknede Romantik Sürpriz

What actually makes birthdays special is collecting unique and happy moments with our loved ones. You can make birthdays unforgettable for all guests with a fun and pleasant organization. As Su Yachts, we are offering many alternatives for a birthday party on a yacht in Istanbul. So, you can create happy moments for everyone involved on these beautiful days with a wonderful organization.

Yatta Doğum Günü Kutlama - Teknede Romantik Sürpriz
Yatta Doğum Günü Kutlama
Yemekli Yat Turu

When you are thinking about having a birthday party on a yacht, you must think about the guests first. For example you might want to spend the birthday with your friends and family in a large group. Or you might want to spend this day alone together with your partner.

You can get access to many services with this organization we are offering. For instance you can have an organization with food or cocktails. Also you can add some extras such as live music, dancer or DJ. Moreover we offer fireworks, volcano show, flying balloons and laser show services. You can make really astonishing surprises to the birthday person with these services we are offering.

Why Should I Choose the Birthday Party on a Yacht Organization?

Birthdays are quite special and important days for many people. Therefore you might want beautiful organizations that can give you wonderful memories for these special days. Until now you must have had many standard birthday celebrations. So, how about making a pleasant change for this special day for once? And not just this, but there is more…

An Impressive Environment

You can have a great birthday celebration watching Istanbul’s scenery with birthday party on a yacht organization. In consequence you can add some fun to this day and have a wonderful experience.

Besides we decorate the place according to the birthday person’s favourite color. So we specially create the impressive environment that you will find ready when you board the yacht.

A Surprise Entry

Firstly we determine boarding locations according to your requests. Thus we can organize surprise entries for the start of the celebration. For example we can make it possible for the birthday person to enter the yacht after other guests.

So, we can make the start of the organization more magnificent and interesting for you.

A Flashy Birthday Party on a Yacht Organization

After a wonderful start, you can create a beautiful celebration with various the services we offer.

For example we have flashy demonstrations like volcano show and rose bouquet at cake service. Also fireworks show and flying balloons are among the other demonstrations. You can make the cake cutting ceremony more ostentatious with these shows.

Besides you don’t have to spend any time to organize any of this. All you need to do is to specify the services you want before the celebration. We offer you all the alternatives we have and carry them out for you.

A Place Just For You

We carry out the birthday party on a yacht organizations on our private luxury motor yachts. Therefore you can feel more special without the strangers around you.

During the celebrations there is only your guests and yacht personnel on the yacht. So you can freely enjoy your celebration.

Can't Have Party without Music

We know how important music is for birthday parties. Therefore we have great sound systems on our yachts.

You can make use of the music lists we made for you if you want. We have popular songs of the year on these lists. Or you can connect your list to the system with your phone or a flash drive. Then if you want to take it up a notch, you can enjoy various services we offer. For example you can request live music, a dancer or a DJ.

We will organize the event in accordance with your requests. And all you will have left to do will be to enjoy the party.

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2-Person Birthday Party on a Yacht Packages for Those Who Want to Celebrate This Day Alone Together

This package is a romantic birthday party for you and your partner.

We decorate the yacht and the table in line with the color concept you chose before you board the yacht.

Then some time after you boarding the yacht we serve a meal for 2 people. The meal consists of several different courses. Firstly we serve 6 different appetizers, fried calamari, shrimp stew and entree starters. Also sea bass, sea bream and mixed grill are our main course options. Lastly we have salad and a fruit plate.

Besides we offer unlimited non-alcoholic beverage service during your tour. If you want alcoholic drink service you can buy it by picking the options we have on the menu. But we offer alcoholic drinks for extra charge.

While you are celebrating the birthday with your partner on the yacht, we play the type of music you want in the background. Also you can listen to any music you want by connecting it with a phone or a flash drive. Moreover, you can get an enjoyable music experience thanks to the high-quality sound systems on our yachts.

Around the end of the tour, we bring your birthday cake accompanied by the birthday song. Besides, this cake is included in the package. However, you can bring your own cake if you want.

Meanwhile we demonstrate the volcano show with two mini volcanoes.