Many people dream of receiving the perfect marriage proposal from their partners, and many people feel the pressure to organise something which is a little bit more special to mark the beginning of the period when two lives formally become one. Imagine how special a proposal could be if you were able to ask the person of your dreams for their hand in marriage whilst on a luxury private yacht cruise in the middle of Bosphorus during your special, romantic holiday to Istanbul?

In fact, this dream can easily be arranged if you choose to book one of the special marriage proposal cruises on offer from Su Yacht. Our marriage proposal cruises are specially designed with romance in mind, and will not disappoint those who want to make a memorable proposal. These cruises take place upon a private yacht so other than the crew of the yacht, nobody else needs to be around to spoil this private and intimate moment. The Su Yacht captain will take you out to one of Istanbul’s most romantic offshore locations before dropping anchor to allow you and your beloved to enjoy a romantic meal together.

If you decide to hire one of Su Yacht’s special marriage proposal cruises, you will have maximum control over what time the cruise begins, with start times available from 9 in the morning, right up until late in the evening, so you can choose to make your proposal over breakfast, before enjoying a day of Turkish style celebrations, or you can choose to make your proposal beneath the romantic night sky. Su Yacht’s marriage proposal cruises last either two hours or three hours, but customers have the chance to extend their cruise if the yacht isn’t needed later in the day. This means that if you propose over breakfast, you may even be able to extend your hire of the yacht for the rest of the day and spend the time whizzing around the Turkish coast, finding secluded beaches to sunbathe on, and romantic coves to swim in.

To make your marriage proposal cruise even more special, we can help to decorate the boat with candles before you and your partner arrive, and we can even supply a violinist to play to you as you eat. If you have any other requests, contact the Su Yacht company office to discuss your needs with our highly trained staff, and they will try their hardest to accommodate them.

As part of our romantic marriage proposal cruises, you can choose to add either the breakfast menu or an evening meal menu with alcoholic or non-alcoholic accompaniments. Some of the dishes may even include locally caught seafood specialities. Other optional extras, which are available as part of the marriage proposal cruise package, include celebration cake or bottles of champagne. If you want friends and family to be able to share the proposal with you, dinner also can be arranged for 15 people in total, or cocktails can be served for up to 20 people, including the happy couple.

If you want to propose whilst in Turkey, consider booking one of Su Yacht’s marriage proposal cruises, because they are some of the most romantic marriage proposal cruises available.