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Marriage proposal on yacht

Luxury is always a good idea! Make a wonderful story with a marriage proposal on yacht! Marriage is a dream of every woman and they are expecting an unforgettable marriage proposal. If you are looking for different marriage proposal options like proposing on a yacht, you are in the right place.

We are designing detailed and private events that you can not forget in your life. Imagine the beauty of Bosphorus looking across to Prince islands, Maiden tower or historical city of the old city. Pick one of the historical and most beautiful views on the Bosphorus and make the dreams come true. Do not be late and reach us to have a reservation now.

How to Make a Marriage Proposal on a Yacht in the Bosphorus?

Marriage proposal yacht is kind of a luxury idea! It’s a private place, you will have a private crew and Bosphorus itself helps you to be in a marvelous atmosphere.

You can get a seafood meal or privately design a gourmet menu for your future spouse. Definitely there will be music to complete these wonderful hours. There will be seasonal flower ornaments on the dinner table and lantern decorations.

How Can I Arrange a Private Marriage Proposal on a Yacht?

Our experienced crew and team will help you design all the details from the top to the end of the night. The special spot, the song while you are proposing, the view for the photos and many memories of this special night. Cruise marriage proposal is a private night that you rent a yacht only for you and your loved one.

You make your future spouse princess of the night by taking to the Bosphorus with a luxury designed big yacht. You can choose one of the piers like Bebek, Arnavutköy, Kuleli and welcome your lady with easy music. Let our team design this unforgettable night for you.

Are There Entertainment Options for Marriage Proposals on the yacht?

The cruise marriage proposal can be designed as you preferred. You can have dinner with music. Or you can request live music as you wish. You can choose from the menu according to your appetite either seafood, grilled meat or chicken. The menu can be ordered from a restaurant or can be designed by a gourmet chef by coordinating our team. There can be a laser show reflecting to the Bosphorus bridge that you can show your love generously to your loved one in the middle  of the Asian and European side.  Apart from vulcano you can ask for firework settings. For more decorations, ideas and event tips our experienced team is with you as we host not only couples for marriage proposals we host high honor officials, celebrities, foreign guests all around the world.

What is the Yacht Information for a Marriage Proposal on a yacht?

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Being on a yacht is always a good idea and yacht charter gives a luxury experience especially for a marriage proposal event. Although you can consider every detail to make the moment unforgettable, the cruise yacht is also important that affects the whole atmosphere in the eye of a person. Once your loved one see the gorgeous and luxury yacht you will start one step ahead. Su Royal Yacht is 24 meters long and has a capacity for 36 pax. Within a meal sitting lay out the capacity is 30pax. So after the proposal you take your friends and make a little shiny celebration together on the boat. Also the yacht has a big saloon that in case of a weather change your plans can continue smoothly. Panoramic windows enable to have a view and you can enjoy every detail of the yacht Bosphorus cruise.

What are the Popular Yacht Specifications for Marriage Proposals?

Although you can design your special event according to your budget like organizing either during daytime or evening or with a live music or simply bringing a music list of your favorite songs and soundtracks, either with a light snacks or dinner menu there is a popularity for yacht specifications for marriage proposals.

  • Sunset organization following with a dinner
  • Laser show or firework
  • Easy music
  • Videoshoot organization

What Services Are Offered in the Yacht Marriage Proposal Organization?

Firstly, you will feel special in such a luxury yacht that your service will be private for marriage proposal organization too. All setting is organized by our crew that you will make your loved one amazed by the stunning atmosphere of Bosphorus while being on such a luxury yacht. While telling her romantic words and looking at her, your surprise will be played by the help of our crew; video and photo shoot services while proposing, the preferred music playing and champagne or any preferred drink to celebrate the unforgettable moment. Upon yoru choice the dinner is served with flower ornaments and candlelit.

Why is Marriage Proposal on Yacht Preferred?

  • Firstly you can propose in a relaxed environment where you can be alone together. Consequently your proposal will be better than one in a restaurant with countless strangers are watching.
  • Also this organization will remain as a memory which you won’t forget for years. Because this marriage proposal which you will make on a luxury yacht will leave an unforgettable impact.
  • Besides you won’t have to think about what to do and when to do it with this organization. Because our experienced staff will guide you about it. Therefore the program will carry out in an orderly manner and you will enjoy the day without unnecessary stress.
  • Moreover you will enjoy a restaurant-quality meal while having a panoramic yacht tour. Thus you will be enjoying a unique view, away from the crowds and alone with your lover.
  • In addition, Bosphorus Bridge and Maiden’s Tower will witness your proposal and give you the magical setting you want. Then you will leave this organization with beautiful memories and photos.
  • Lastly you will know how much you will pay and won’t have to make extra payments with this organization. Because the marriage proposal cruise organizations we offer have fixed prices and all inclusive.

What are the Marriage Proposal Prices on the Yacht?

The marriage proposal moment for your future wife is priceless so make it as special as possible. Our company offers different charter types according to your needs and budget. You can either rent the yacht hourly or daily to enjoy this marvelous luxury experience. Please contact us for the best price and get ready for your unforgettable day!

How you can reach us:

For detailed information and making your reservation you can reach us at:
+90 850 840 30 30 or +90 212 909 19 19
Also, you can mail [email protected] if you want.

You can call us for detailed information.

Usually our guests make their reservations 10-15 days in advance. In case of our yachts being available, we can even carry out your organization the same day. But it may become harder to find an available spot as the date approaches. Because spots get filled as our other guests make their reservations. So, it is best that you make your reservation as soon as you determine the date.

We make the marriage proposal cruise organization 24/7. Therefore you can propose on any day or at any time you want. But it can be useful to make your reservation as early as possible. So that you can avoid the time you want being reserved by sometone else.

We make the marriage proposal cruise organization under all weather conditions. When it is cold or rainy, we close down and heat up the parts of the yacht where we serve food. So, we can carry out your organizations under bad weather conditions, too.

We have had guests who especially prefer rainy days for this organization.

We can make changes on the marriage proposal packages that we offer. You can consult us for every kind of marriage proposal cruise you can think of.

We can’t share the photos and videos of our couples due to our privacy policy.

Moreover we hand over the camera card to our guests after the organization. Therefore we don’t keep the copies of the photos. But you can check out the tables we prepare and the pictures of yachts on our site.

The organization package is offered by our sales team that you can have all inclusive service without missing anything.

The dinner menu is included in the marriage proposal organization but our team will help you for detailed options and more.

The decorations are in a romance theme with roses and seasonal flowers. There may be lantern candles and tulle fabrics.

Spring and summer season is high season for marriage proposal organization. You should be in contact with us minimum of 3-4 weeks for arrangements and make you happy with the chosen date.

You will have a special crew serving to you and you can choose the route as well as the pick up station. you can contact our sales team that they will help you with the update information on more facilities and services.