Yatta Evlenme Teklifi

Do you want to propose in an unforgettable way?

Are you planning a marriage proposal with the sight of Maiden’s Tower or with laser shows around the Bosphorus Bridge after a nice meal on a yacht? You can do that with the marriage proposal cruise that we can arrange for you.

Firstly in this organization, your yacht departs from the location you pick with your captain and private personnel. Then you get to watch the unique sights of the Bosphorus with some easy listening music and a delicious meal.

After this you can propose in front of the Maiden’s Tower, which is the subject of many romantic stories. Or you can pick the spot around the Bosphorus Bridge, which is more suitable for a laser show.

Marriage Proposal Cruise with Maiden's Tower View

You can carry out the marriage proposal cruise organization in front of the Maiden’s Tower. For this we will approach the spectacular Maiden’s Tower view around one hour after the start of the organization. Also we will prepare everything without you having to deal with any hassle.

Then your staff will invite you to the front of the yacht on the pretext of a photo shoot. Now you are at the head of the yacht, in front of the magical view of Maiden’s Tower. Right now we will start playing the music you want. Finally you can use this perfect moment to propose.

Marriage Proposal Cruise with Laser Show Under Bosphorus Bridge

Also, you can choose a proposal under the Bosphorus Bridge, which connects Asia and Europe together. Because this is a very unique location to carry out the proposal which will connect you together. In this organization your staff invites you to the front of the yacht at the right time. Besides they do this with the excuse of taking a picture, in order to not spoil the surprise. At this moment your special song starts playing.

In addition, you can add the laser show, which prominently shows your proposal, to your package. Thus you can add some extra visuality to your proposal. Your proposal message gets displayed on the Bosphorus Bridge with your and your future spouse’s names. Then we capture this moment forever with the videos and photos we take at this time.

We take photos and videos of the marriage proposal cruise accompanied by a volcano show for you...

Aside from the laser show, you can also add the “erupting volcano” show to your package. Consequently you can celebrate the “yes” you will get in the company of a bright demonstration. Moreover you will have the videos and photos we take for you when the tour ends.

In addition, your service staff will do the photo shoots, which are included in our packages, with a professional camera. Besides we offer professional photo shoot and video clip services for an extra fee.

Our marriage proposal cruise organization is just for you!

Gün Batımı Yat Turu

Proposing to your future spouse with this incredible organization will make them feel more special.

Besides, you don’t have to worry about the weather with the marriage proposal cruise organization. Because the area where we serve meals in the yacht has collapsible features. Therefore we can close down this area and heat it up during cold weather. So whether the weather is cold or rainy won’t affect your proposal program. Thus we can organize this event on our luxury yachts during all seasons.

Pick the Boarding Location Yourself

You can prefer the areas of Arnavutkoy, Bebek, Kuleli or Beylerbeyi as your organization’s start point. You can make your pick among suitable restaurants or clubs around these areas.

Delicious and Diverse Menus

Restaurant around the Bosphorus prepare the meals specially. So you won’t get an amateur meal prepared on the yacht, but delicious and high-quality restaurant meals. Moreover we serve these food with an elegant presentation.

As the meal’s contents; firstly we have seven different appetizers and two entree starters. Then we offer the main course, salad, fruits and local alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages.

In addition we determine the menus according to your preferences as fish, mixed grill or chicken.

Why Is Marriage Proposal Cruise Popular?

  • Firstly you can propose in a relaxed environment where you can be alone together. Consequently your proposal will be better than one in a restaurant with countless strangers are watching.
  • Also this organization will remain as a memory which you won’t forget for years. Because this marriage proposal which you will make on a luxury yacht will leave an unforgettable impact.
  • Besides you won’t have to think about what to do and when to do it with this organization. Because our experienced staff will guide you about it. Therefore the program will carry out in an orderly manner and you will enjoy the day without unnecessary stress.
  • Moreover you will enjoy a restaurant-quality meal while having a panoramic yacht tour. Thus you will be enjoying a unique view, away from the crowds and alone with your lover.
  • In addition, Bosphorus Bridge and Maiden’s Tower will witness your proposal and give you the magical setting you want. Then you will leave this organization with beautiful memories and photos.
  • Lastly you will know how much you will pay and won’t have to make extra payments with this organization. Because the marriage proposal cruise organizations we offer have fixed prices and all inclusive.

Why You Should Pick Us for the Marriage Proposal Cruise?

Firstly, one of the elements you always remember from the marriage proposal organization is the yacht itself. Therefore you must pick a flashy and impressive yacht, just like picking a restaurant or hotel. For that reason you can pick Su Yachts for this organization. Because our yachts are luxury yachts suitable for marriage proposal cruises. Moreover Su Yachts is the choice of many celebrities, too. One reason for this is that we offer the perfect service with our experienced staff.

Also our services are not limited to marriage proposal organizations. We host foreign government officials, consulates and high-level guests of prominent companies. Therefore we have to keep our service quality at a higher level than the industry standards. You can examine a short list of the world-famous brands that we have worked with.

If you are looking for a luxury yacht, uniformed personnel and high-quality service, then we are here for you. Su Yachts is not an intermediatery firm, but the real owner of the yachts and a company with tourism authorization. Our headquarters are at the Levent Yapı Kredi Plaza Towers. You can prefer a corporate company instead of unauthorized businesses without a yacht tourism operation certificate. Consequently you can get great value for your money and eliminate potential issues.

Our yachts have many certificates such as “Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Culture Yacht Tourism Operation Certificate”. We have carried out this organization thousands of times and we keep operating as a professional establishment. If you want a luxury yacht and first-class service, then you are at the right address. You can enjoy a pleasant experience with the quality that we are offering. Thanks to our good-humored staff, you can let go of the stress of the marriage proposal. Thus you can enjoy this special day to the fullest.

How you can reach us:

For detailed information and making your reservation you can reach us at:
+90 850 840 30 30 or +90 212 909 19 19
Also, you can mail [email protected] if you want.

Su_Royal_en1Su_Royal_en4Su_Royal_en3Su Royal 355Su_Royal_en2royal_yatta_dugunroyal_yatta_kahvaltiSu Royal - Yatta YemekSU Royal Teknesi

Length: 24m
Max Capacity: 36 People
Food Layout Capacity: 30 People

Underwater Lighting
Upper Deck (Flybridge)
Free Wi-fi
Music system

Our fleet’s newest yacht, SU Royal, is 24-meters long and has a noticeable appearance with its modern and stylish design.

The most important feature that seperates SU Royal from other yachts is that along with open spaces, it has a large lounge that is covered panoramically with windows and offers an uninterrupted view.

Since the aesthetics of the yacht’s outside appearance merges with a comfortable lounge that offers a great view, it is a suitable option for parties and important meetings. This special design is the most important reason why our guests prefer it for various high-level hospitality organizations including hosting government officials.

SU Royal has an optimized design for spacious areas and large guest capacity. To be specific, SU Royal’s actual capacity is 50 people. Despite the fact that it has a large capacity, we limit the guest count to 36 people on regular yacht tours and 30 on yacht tours with food service, in order to offer better comfort for you.

Our guests can have some drinks and chat on the upper deck or the well deck. Then they can sit comfortably in the lounge with air conditioning, where they can enjoy the magnificent view. Moreover we have sunbathing cushions at the front side for our guests who want to sunbathe.

Why Su Royal:

  • A prestigious yacht with its modern design.
  • With its design and luxurious style, it is suitable for all kinds of yacht tours and swimming tours, whether it is for 2 people or 30 people.
  • It is comfortable during cold weather due to spacious areas and during hot weather due to its lounge with a beautiful view and air conditioning.
  • The yacht has panoramic windows to offer uninterrupted Bosphorus view indoors. Along with offering uninterrupted view unlike lounges in many other yachts, this setting provides a more clear view and better thermal insulation compared to spaces closed with an awning.
  • Since the lounge is one piece, it is suitable for large meetings with long tables, without getting jammed or scattering around.
  • Because of its large lounge, you can have enough space for many organizations.
  • Due to the fact that its actual capacity is 50 people, you don’t get jammed in crowded organizations.
Su Prestige Kiralık TekneSU Prestige Kiralık TekneSU Prestige Yat Kiralamaprestige_ada_yuzme_turuprestige_ada_turuYatta Dizi ÇekimiSu Prestige Tekne KiralamaSu Prestige Teknede YemekSu Prestige Kiralık YatSU Prestige Yatı Masası

Length: 22,5m
Max Capacity: 24 People
Food Layout Capacity: 18 People

Upper Deck (Flybridge)
Free Wi-fi
Music system

SU Prestige is 22,5-meter long, has a capacity for 24 people and a modern look.

SU Prestige has a wide well deck and spacious sitting areas on its upper deck. Moreover it has sunbathing cushions on its front side and its upper deck.

SU OrionSU OrionSU Orion FlyBridgeOrion Bosphorus YachtSU Orion YachtOrion Yacht InterriorYacht BedroomSU Orion Yacht Guest Room

Length: 26m
Max Capacity: 30 People
Food Layout Capacity: 20 People

Upper Deck (Flybridge)
Free Wi-fi
Music system

SU Orion is a noticeable yacht with its 26-meter length.

The width of the yacht’s open spaces is wide enough for large groups to feel comfortable.

SU Orion, with its capacity for 30 people, wide flybridge, comfortable sitting areas and sunbathing cushions at its front side, offers a comfortable yacht tour to its guests.

SU Tekne KiralamaSU kiralık yatSu Yatı FlybridgeSU Yatı MasaSu Teknesi MasaLüks Yat KiralamaSU Yat Kiralama

Length: 21,5m
Max Capacity: 18 People
Food Layout Capacity: 12 People

Upper Deck (Flybridge)
Free Wi-fi
Music system

SU Yacht is a stylish, 21,5-meter yacht with a capacity for 18 people.

It has large sitting areas on its upper deck and its well deck. Also it has sunbathing cushions at its front side. It is waiting to offer an enjoyable yacht cruise to its guests.

Usually our guests make their reservations 10-15 days in advance. In case of our yachts being available, we can even carry out your organization the same day. But it may become harder to find an available spot as the date approaches. Because spots get filled as our other guests make their reservations. So, it is best that you make your reservation as soon as you determine the date.

We make the marriage proposal cruise organization 24/7. Therefore you can propose on any day or at any time you want. But it can be useful to make your reservation as early as possible. So that you can avoid the time you want being reserved by sometone else.

We make the marriage proposal cruise organization under all weather conditions. When it is cold or rainy, we close down and heat up the parts of the yacht where we serve food. So, we can carry out your organizations under bad weather conditions, too.

We have had guests who especially prefer rainy days for this organization.

We can make changes on the marriage proposal packages that we offer. You can consult us for every kind of marriage proposal cruise you can think of.

We can’t share the photos and videos of our couples due to our privacy policy.

Moreover we hand over the camera card to our guests after the organization. Therefore we don’t keep the copies of the photos. But you can check out the tables we prepare and the pictures of yachts on our site.