Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the frequently asked questions about yacht tours on this page. In case you can’t find the answer you are looking for, you can ask us through the contact section.

You can call us at 0850 840 30 30 or 0212 909 19 19 to get detailed information and to make your reservation easily.

Also, if you want to, you can reach us through email and make your reservation. Our email address is [email protected].

Bosphorus tours are carried out with free audio guide narration in Bosphorus Tours. The narration of the place you pass by will start automatically. We can provide audio guides in many languages. (Please specify your audio guide request at the time of booking.)

Cancellation Terms:

You can cancel your reservation until 15 days before it. Then you can get back the total amount you have paid.

When there is less than 15 days to the event date, in case of cancellation, the 50% of the total tour price is taken as a cancellation fine. If you have paid more than 50% of the tour price during the reservation, the extra amount will be given back.

In case of negative circumstances for cruising and malfunctions, Su Yachts reserves the right to cancel the tour.

When Su Yachts cancels the trip due to compelling reasons, all the payments that have been made will be refunded completely.

Bad weather during the tour day or the weather being rainy, snowy or cold are not compelling reasons to cancel the trip. Therefore in case of cancellation requests, refunds are not made.

Reservation Change Terms:

If there is still more than 7 days until your reservation date, you can change the tour’s date or hour for free depending on the availability of the yacht and only for one time.

Yacht rental prices, just like hotel prices, vary depending on many factors. Service quality, yacht’s features, yacht’s size, yacht’s own price and services we offer affect the rental prices.

Although yacht’s size is a factor in pricing, it doesn’t mean that a smaller yacht’s price is always cheaper.

When you are trying to pick the right yacht for your organization, our sales team will help you.

Our yachts are in Bebek/Arnavutkoy. We can get you to our yachts from clubs, hotels and restaurants with suitable docks in or around the areas stated below. However, for further distances, extra payment will be necessary.

Free Yacht Boarding and Disembarking Locations:

In the European Side: Arnavutkoy, Bebek

In the Anatolian Side: Beylerbeyi, Kuleli

All expenses including fuel and staff are included in the price.

However in case of you ordering food and drinks on the menu or deciding to extend your tour, extra payment may be necessary.

In case there is no other reservations after yours, you can extend your trip.

However, during busy seasons this wouldn’t be possible. Because during those times we carry out the tours one after another with short preparation times.

After the tour starts, if you are planning to extend the tour you can tell this to your captain. Then depending on the availability of the yacht, you can continue your trip.

You can learn the yacht rental prices on the “Yachts & Tour Prices” section.

Then you can make your payments online with credit card, bank transfer or with credit card on the yacht.

All our yachts have open and closed areas which allow you to enjoy tours on all 12 months of the year. In case of it raining or snowing, we close down some of the open areas and heat them up. So you can enjoy high levels of comfort on the Bosphorus even during winter. Also, there are even customers who especially prefer rainy and snowy weather. Because yacht tours in Istanbul while watching a snowy scenery is fairly enjoyable.

If weather conditions are important to you, it can be useful for you to check the weather report before making your reservation. Changing the date of the reservation or cancelling them due to weather conditions are not possible.

We always request payment in advance for our yacht tours. Because we want to make sure that our guests abide by the date and time of their reservations. Therefore we aim to minimize invalid reservations interrupting the reservations of our other guests.

When you have a clear date for renting the yacht, you need to make your reservation.

Reservations whose payments are not completed within the day of making them get suspended.

We are not an intermediary company. We are a company with tourism certificate and our own fleet of yachts.

When you make your reservation, you get your service from our crew and on yachts we own.

We have breakfast, dinner and cocktail alternatives you can get on the yachts for a fee. For yacht tours with food that we provide in an elegant environment and with an elite service, you need to specify your food choices during the reservation.

For detailed information you can visit our “Bosphorus Dinner Cruise” page.

In the Bosphorus the risk for an accident at sea here is fairly low. Because the Bosphorus has a sheltered structure. So we don’t get tough weather conditions that can create a dangerous environment. However, we take all of the necessary measures on our yachts.

  • Firstly, all of our yachts have a valid seaworthiness certificate. Then their survey processes are done regularly.
  • Also, yachts contain more life vests than the number of passangers.
  • While yachts have insurance, they have passanger insurance as well.
  • Besides the yachts have AIS devices.
  • Moreover, our yachts have cruising equipment such as GPS, Chartplotter, VHF, Radar and Sonar.
  • Then all the yachts that are on a tour send their location information to our company headquarters.
  • Lastly the engine rooms have automatic fire extinguisher systems. Also there are fire extinguishers in several locations in the cabin.

The term “yacht” is for luxury watercraft over 10 meters long and that is only for recreation and leisure.

However boat includes a wider variety of watercraft, which also includes yachts, too. For example, we can consider a 7-meter long private boat or gigantic fishing boats, or mega yachts as boats.

In summary, you can refer to a luxury watercraft as yacht or boat. However you can’t refer to a small watercraft that is not a luxury watercraft as a yacht.

We don’t have a transfer service.

We only offer yacht rental services.

On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, you can’t bring food or drinks to yacht tours.

However on other days, you can bring food and drinks for extra fee.

(It is free to bring food or drinks to organizations with fewer than five guests.)

Even though it is customary to tip in the services industry, it is completely up to the guests. There is no obligation to tip our personnel.

In case you want to leave a tip, you can do it during the payment. Then the tip you leave will be split equally between the staff members.

You can see the yachts whenever you want to. Our yachts are around the Arnavutkoy Pier in Besiktas.

When you come to see the yachts, they may be rented by our other guests. So please call 0850 840 30 30 to learn when you can visit.

You will need to pay half of the tour price when making your reservation. Then you can pay the rest on the yacht on the day of the tour.

However you may not want to pay on the yacht or you may be renting the yacht for your guests. In this case you can make the whole payment during reservation.

You can make the payment with cash, credit card or bank transfer.

In case you get a two-hour Bosphorus tour:

We follow the route from the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge to Maiden’s Tower and the entrance of the Golden Horn.

So, places you will see during the tour are:

  1. Historical Waterside Mansions,
  2. Beylerbeyi Palace,
  3. Ciragan Palace,
  4. Dolmabahce Palace,
  5. Maiden’s Tower,
  6. Entrance of the Golden Horn,
  7. Historical Peninsula,
    Topkapi Palace,
  8. Hagia Sophia.

When you get extended tour time you can explore more during the tour. For instance you can get to see the Historical Peninsula more closely by entering the Golden Horn.

Therefore we suggest you to have a 3-hour tour at least.

It is possible for you to swim during yacht tours.

Because our full day tours are suitable for swimming. Then if you want you can enjoy swimming in specific locations. For example the northern part of the Bosphorus and bays around the Princes’ Islands are some of these locations.

No, the start and finish hours for full day tours are unalterable.

However you can start the yacht tours at a later hour with the finish hour staying the same. But there won’t be any changes to the price.

When you have requests such as finishing the tour later or eating dinner on the yacht, you can extend the full day courses for a fee.

We have organizations for special days.

You can check out the pages below for some of our major organizations:

Marriage Proposal Cruise

Romantic Dinner on a Yacht

Birthday Party on a Yacht

Then for other organizations, our sales team will help you.