The World's Biggest Yachts 2023

The World’s Biggest Yachts 2023

The biggest yachts of 2023 have arrived, and they are nothing short of breathtaking. Setting sail into new horizons of luxury, these colossal vessels redefine the essence of opulence on water, combining state-of-the-art technology with unparalleled design finesse.

The World’s Biggest Yachts List

Commanding the waves and the gazes of many, the list of the biggest yachts in the world is a testament to human ingenuity and the undying allure of the sea. 2023 has seen these maritime giants redefine the boundaries of nautical luxury, with each offering unique features that set them apart from the rest. Here, we journey through the elite echelons of yachting, spotlighting the majestic ships that rule the waters.


The Azzam, recognized as one of the largest yachts globally, stretches an impressive 180 meters. Launched by Lürssen Yachts in 2013, its length isn’t its only standout feature. Not only does its design allow it to be one of the swiftest yachts, achieving over 30 knots, but its interiors, styled after the French Empire, ensure a regal voyage.

One notable luxury is its expansive main salon, free from pillars, granting guests an unbroken panorama of the sea. Coupled with an exclusive underwater observation room, it offers a deep dive into the ocean’s wonders.

Fulk Al Salamah

Epic in size and essence, the Fulk Al Salamah rises as one of the biggest mega yachts, standing tall at 164 meters. Echoing its name, which means ‘Ship of Peace’, its grandeur is peaceful yet powerful.

Inside, it boasts multiple lounges, a grand dining hall, and numerous opulent suites. What distinguishes Fulk Al Salamah is its capacity; uniquely designed to transport a vast array of smaller boats and helicopters, showcasing its prowess as a premier largest private yacht.


Blue sails as a testament to the artistry of modern yacht design. As one of the biggest super yachts in the world, it’s more than just its size that captures attention. Its distinct shape, inspired by flowing ocean waves, ensures a harmonious blend with the sea. Spanning 162 meters, it showcases a unique blend of performance and luxury.

Internally, Blue houses an expansive spa and wellness center, giving its occupants a serene retreat on the waves. It also boasts an open-air cinema on its top deck, blending entertainment and scenic oceanic views, setting standards for the world’s largest superyacht.

Al Said

With an aura of royalty, Al Said stands among the world’s biggest yachts, boasting a length of 155 meters. Its magnificence is not only in its size but in its rich history. Originating from the shipyards of Lürssen Yachts, the same as Azzam, this yacht is shrouded in a veil of mystery with few known details about its interiors.

What’s publicly known, however, is its capacity to accommodate over 70 guests with an impressive 154 crew members. The epitome of luxury, Al Said also boasts a concert hall capable of hosting a 50-piece orchestra, making it a perfect fusion of grandeur and artistry.

Prince Abdulaziz

The Prince Abdulaziz, with its majestic stature, stands tall in the realm of the biggest yachts. At a commendable 147 meters, it was once the largest yacht in the world before newer models surpassed it. Built for the Saudi Royal Family in the 1980s, its design is reminiscent of old-world charm mixed with modern luxury.

Its interiors, reminiscent of the ornate designs found in historical palaces, include intricately carved woodwork and plush furnishings. To complement its royal stature, it also boasts a fully equipped hospital, a mosque, and a movie theater, reflecting the pinnacle of seafaring luxury.


A paragon of sustainability and luxury, Solaris signifies the future of yachting. One of the biggest sailing yachts in existence, spanning 140 meters, it’s an awe-inspiring blend of cutting-edge technology and elegance. While traditional yachts rely heavily on fossil fuels, Solaris has been designed with the environment in mind.

Its interiors are nothing short of opulent, with vast suites and state-of-the-art amenities. 

However, its true marvel lies in its eco-friendly features, including advanced solar panels and energy-efficient systems, positioning it as the biggest eco-friendly sailing yacht on the blue planet.


Inspired by the tales of “One Thousand and One Nights”, the Scheherezade embodies the enchantment of ancient legends. It ranks among the biggest mega yachts at 139 meters. Every inch of this yacht whispers tales of luxury, from its plush interiors to its expansive decks.

This yacht is famed for its thematic rooms, each narrating a different tale from the classic tales of Scheherezade. With a dedicated theater room and a library filled with ancient scripts, it’s a floating palace of stories and luxury, catering to those with a penchant for history and grandeur.

Ocean Victory

As its name suggests, Ocean Victory truly triumphs over the seas. Another gem from the biggest yachts category, it measures a significant 140 meters. Its design philosophy is one of uncompromised luxury and performance.

Internally, Ocean Victory showcases an array of ultra-luxurious amenities, including multiple pools, spas, and a helipad. Its unique feature is a submersible garage, allowing smaller boats or submersibles to be stored within the yacht itself, epitomizing the spirit of maritime adventure.


A relic of modern yachting history, Octopus stands at 126 meters, renowned not just for its size but its notable owner, the late Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft. As one of the largest private yachts, it has been a vessel of exploration and luxury.

It boasts two helipads, a basketball court, and a recording studio. But, its standout feature is its onboard research laboratory, which has been instrumental in several marine exploration projects, truly reflecting Allen’s spirit of discovery.


Maryah stands as a testament to the limitless possibilities of modern shipbuilding. Measuring at a majestic 125 meters, it gracefully claims its place among the world’s biggest yachts. Initially crafted as a Russian research vessel, it underwent a transformative refit to emerge as the largest private yacht designed for the ultimate in luxury voyages.

Its interiors are a lavish affair, with rooms adorned in gold leaf and pristine marble. What makes Maryah truly special is its approach to onboard entertainment. With a cinema hall, several lounges, and even a nightclub, every voyage becomes a celebration.

Frequently Asked Questions about The World’s Biggest Yachts

Who is the biggest yacht in the world? 

As of 2023, the Azzam holds the title for the biggest yacht in the world, measuring an astonishing 180 meters in length.

Who owns the world’s biggest yacht and what is its history? 

The Azzam is owned by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the United Arab Emirates. Crafted by the renowned Lürssen Yachts in 2013, its design and speed have made it a marvel in the yachting world.

What is the largest sailing yacht? 

Solaris stands out as the largest sailing yacht with advanced eco-friendly features, representing the future of sustainable yachting.

How do these yachts differ from typical boats? 

Beyond their sheer size, the world’s largest superyachts boast state-of-the-art amenities, unmatched luxury, and often unique features such as submersible garages or dedicated research labs, setting them apart from conventional boats.