Istanbul offers thousands of different tourist attractions to visitors who come to see one of Turkey’s most cultural cities, where East meets West, on the border of Asia and Europe. Whilst the tourist attractions in the city each have their own cultural and historical significance, one special tourist day out which you might not have considered is a whole day Bosphorus cruise.

A whole day Bosphorus cruise allows you to escape from the hustle and bustle of central Istanbul and take a trip on the waterway which divides two worlds. The Bosphorus strait (otherwise known as the Istanbul Strait) cuts through the centre of Istanbul, and marks the point at which Europe ends and Asia begins. The banks of the waterway are heavily populated, and as you cruise you will be able to watch the inhabitants of Istanbul as they go about their daily routines. Along the banks, you are even able to see sites of historical significance, dating back thousands of years.

Although some cruises of the Bosphorus only last for a few hours (and you can see a lot of things in this period of time), a whole day Bosphorus cruise allows you to spend more time enjoying the area, and travelling at a much more leisurely pace. A longer timeframe means that you can take in more of the sights, and you can have the opportunity to drop anchor and spend time in one place, if the skipper allows. On Su Yacht’s whole day Bosphorus cruises, your skipper will even advise you on some of the best places to stop and spend some time relaxing on the yacht, and you may sometimes be able to go to shore.

Whilst there are plenty of cruises companies available offering customers the chance to go on a whole day Bosphorus cruise, Su Yacht offers customers the chance to go on a luxury private cruise, with up to 11 other members of their friends or family. The company offers a range of different start times and pick-up locations for their whole day Bosphorus cruise package, to allow customers the highest degree of freedom about when and where to start their cruise. Customers are never rushed on the whole day cruise trip, and instead, they are treated like kings and queens.

Whilst a whole day cruise with a big tour company will give you time to see the sights of the Bosphorus, you will not get personalised services, and the chances are that you will end up having to wait around for other groups of tourists throughout the day. A luxury, private cruise with Su Yacht will give you more freedom than ever to choose what you do and when. The skipper is an expert in the waters of the area and knows all the best places to go to suit the varied needs of different groups. He knows some of the best and safest locations for swimming in the area, as well as the best places to drop anchor if you want to eat a meal on the boat.

A whole day Bosphorus cruise gives tourists the chance to see a different side of Istanbul. One whole day Bosphorus cruise, which is run by Su Yacht, offers a luxury, private alternative to big tourist boats.