Iftar on a Yacht in Istanbul

We all want to have an iftar meal worthy of remembering during Ramadan. Especially Ramadan offers a great opportunity for the whole family to come together and have a nice meal. If you want to turn this meal into a unique experience, then iftar on a yacht would be ideal. Thus you can enjoy a great menu in the company of Istanbul’s enchanting views.

Along with a wonderful menu, you will get to take a look at places appropriate for the meaning and importance of the day. For example, you will get a chance to see Ortakoy, Sultan Ahmed and Beylerbeyi Mosques during your pleasant yacht tour. Meanwhile you will be enjoying the relaxing weather of the Bosphorus while breaking your fast with a magnificent menu.

You can enjoy the iftar meal organization on a yacht with your loved ones on high-quality yachts and with professional service. Thus you can make your day more enjoyable this way.

Our Iftar Menu

Basically, our iftar menu is made up of these dishes:

  • Firstly, a traditional iftar appetizers plate,
  • Then lentil or “ezogelin” soup,
  • Also seasonal salad, cigkofte and small lahmacuns,
  • After this, a kebab or grill option for the main course and a dessert with sherbet,
  • Finally beverages, tea and coffee service.

Besides for our guests who wish to have, we have sea bass or sea bream options instead of red meat.

Iftar menus, in addition to the yacht rental price, cost around 100-175 TL per person depending on the menu you pick. Since they are special organizations, we can change iftar menus in line with your requests. For example, the main course on our VIP menu is mixed grill, which is more varied. This mixed grill plate consists of Urfa kebab, chicken shish, chicken wings, tomato kebab and meat shish.

yatta iftar

For detailed info and to make your reservation:
0212 909 19 19 or 0850 840 30 30

Firstly pick the yacht you want to tour with during the iftar meal. Then pick your food options and let the rest to us. On the tour day, you will feel the enjoyment of breaking your fast with the unique view of the Bosphorus. Besides you will get to do this with Su Yachts and on a luxury yacht. Therefore you will feel grateful in the face of all this beauty once more.

Advantages of Iftar on a Yacht in Istanbul Organization with Su Yachts

  • Instead of looking at the same view, you can enjoy the ever changing scenery while having your meal. Thus you can enjoy a unique visual feast that you can’t get in any restaurant.
  • Instead of a crowded place full of strangers, you can enjoy a private place reserved only for you. Besides you can get a wonderful experience with the service we offer specially for you.
  • Moreover we modify iftar menus in line with your requests. So you can get access to the variety you want while breaking your fast.
  • Lastly, we offer a flawless organization with the most beautiful yachts of the Bosphorus. Also we do this with a high-quality service.