Mother's Day Cruise in Istanbul

We celebrate Mother’s Day every year on the second Sunday of each May. If you are planning to surprise your mother on this special day, then Mother’s Day cruise is a wonderful option. Thus you can make your mother happy with this celebration event and spend great time with your whole family.

If there is a day that deserves a nice celebration we can say that it is Mother’s Day. How about making your mother very happy on this day with an interesting celebration? Now you can do this with a wonderful organization on a luxury yacht. Besides you can get access to this organization easily, without having to spend any extra effort. So, what kind of activities does this incredible celebration program include?

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What Kind of an Experience Will You Get with Mother’s Day Cruise?

You can enjoy the Mother’s Day cruise with an awesome breakfast if you want. As a whole family, with your mother and all your loved ones, you can enjoy a mixed breakfast on our luxury yachts. Thus you would have made a wonderful surprise to your mom with a delicious Sunday breakfast.

Moreover you can celebrate this special day in different ways. For example your mother’s favourite ritual after breakfast may be drinking a nice cup of Turkish coffee. In this case we take you on our yachts after you have your breakfast somewhere else. After this, we serve you a delicious cup of Turkish coffee as you start watching the beauty of the Bosphorus. Therefore we turn Mother’s Day into a very special day for you.

Also we haven’t forgotten about the afternoon tea… You can make your mother an afternoon tea surprise before the sunset in Istanbul. With this organization, you can surprise your mother with tea and snacks or a cake cutting ceremony. You can get your mother to taste this delicious tea while watching Istanbul’s historical structures and its beautiful view.

Or you can celebrate this special day with a fabulous dinner on a yacht. We can serve you a restaurant-quality dinner in an elegant manner. Then you can enjoy this dinner while watching the unique scenery of Istanbul with your mother and your loved ones.

In short we can provide you a variety of Mother’s Day organizations suitable to different times of the day. Call us in order to create the Mother’s Day organization in your mind. And let us offer you a wonderful organization that will be worth remembering.

Make Your Special Days Even More Special with Wonderful Celebrations by Su Yachts

Special days we remember with celebrations are times when we all look forward to. Whether it is Mother’s Day ro any other special day, these days are worth remembering. But sometimes you might struggle to find the right organization that suits these special days. In this case, as Su Yachts, we offer great opportunities.

From now on you can make your special days more special the hassle-free way. You can get excellent experiences with the organizations we carry out for you on our luxury yachts. Now you can take a look at our “Yachts & Tour Prices“ section to see the variety of activities that we offer. Then you can make your reservation easily by calling us.

- Mother's Day Cruise in Istanbul

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