New Year's Eve Luxury Yacht Party in Istanbul

özel teknede yılbaşı partisi

Each New Year bring with it new excitement and new hopes. So, New Year’s Eve celebrations are organizations that we all look forward to. Besides, according to a popular belief, how you enter the New Year is how you spend it. Therefore this special day is worth welcoming it with a wonderful celebration. Don’t worry even if you don’t have a New Year’s program yet. Because we have a great offer for you. How about trying our New Year’s yacht party in Istanbul that we carry out with a perfect organization?

You can throw a wonderful New Year’s party on yachts with different capacities. Besides this, private yachts will be only for you and your visitors. Along with you your captain and private personnel will accompany you for the best service. Thus you can celebrate this special day with your loved ones in a comfortable and spacious environment. Moreover you get access to the perfect service in this party you will experience away from strangers.

In this New Year’s yacht party that you can customize to your liking you will get the variety you are looking for. You can make this night unforgettable with a constantly changing scenery and extra activities.

Enjoy the New Year’s Yacht Party Organization with Su Yachts

Just like all the other organizations we offer, you will notice the difference of Su Yachts with this enjoyable experience, too. Because the whole process during this celebration will go as you planned. This is because we arrange the New Year’s yacht party organization in accordance with your requests. So you can customize this party as the way you want. For example you can have a party with food or cocktails. Moreover you can add some fun into your party with a dancer or live music. In addition you can add fireworks or volcano show to your celebration. For this, you just need to tell us what kind of New Year’s party you want to have.

With this party organization, you can enter the New Year while enjoying the best views of the Bosphorus. Besides you can throw this party with number of guests ranging from two to forty-five. Also you don’t have to worry about bad weather either. Because our heated yachts’ open areas can be closed down. Thus we make it possible for you to get an enjoyable experience in areas we turn into “winter gardens”. So it can be even more fun to throw a party in case of it snowing. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the yacht shaking since we follow a route that doesn’t give us strong wind.

Celebrate New Year’s Eve with This Organization and Enter the New Year in an Enjoyable Way

Now you can take the first step to experience this enjoyable New Year’s organization by calling us. Then you can enter the New Year in a happy manner by spending some great time during the party.

In your New Year’s party, you can enjoy music and fun with your loved ones. Also we have high-quality sound systems on our yachts that we can play the type of music you like with. Moreover you can reflect your style on the party by creating your own playlist. In order to do that you can bring your playlist on a flash drive.

There are local and foreign alcoholic drink alternatives on our yachts. During the tour you can take advantage of the cocktail service if you want. Or you can get access to numerous options by paying for your drink during the tour. If you request a tour with cocktails, we add a certain amount of extra fees to the tour price. Therefore you can get access to unlimited local alcoholic drinks and snacks. You can rent our yachts for at least four hours at a time that includes 12 AM for New Year’s Eve.

We are wishing you a fun New Year’s Eve in advance.

- New Year's Yacht Party in Istanbul

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