Yacht Party and Celebrations

Special days are worth remembering. And the best way to do this is to throw a nice party for it. Thus you can make this special days even more unforgettable. The yacht party and celebrations we organize for this offer a wonderful opportunity. Because we carry out these organizations on our luxury yachts and with an incredible service quality. Therefore we make it possible for you to celebrate special days in the company of the amazing scenery of the Bosphorus. Now you can contact us and get more detailed information about the celebration organizations we carry out. Then by making your reservation very easily, you can take your first step to enjoy these awesome organizations.

What Awaits You on Our Yacht Tours?

We organize yacht tours for many different occasions. For example, birthdays, marriage anniversaries, bachelor/bachelorette parties and graduation parties are some of these. On all of these special days, you can leave the trouble of carrying out an organization to us. And you can just enjoy a wonderful yacht tour. For celebration and party organizations, the participant amount can vary between two to forty. In addition we can take you in the beginning of the organization from a location you want. Then we can leave you in the end of the organization at a location that you want.

As long as it is at least two hours, how long your celebration lasts is up to you. Besides you can have celebration organizations with cocktail or food service. In addition, you can arrange a romantic surprise for two on our private luxury yachts. Our yachts have high quality music systems. Also, we offer live music service as well. Moreover you can make your celebration more spectacular with shows like laser or volcano shows. In short, you can enjoy a wonderful yacht tour organization with Su Yachts.

Yacht Party and Celebrations Prices

Firstly you can enter the necessary information on the calculator below. Thus you can calculate how much the organizations we carry out on luxury yachts can cost.

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Contact Us and Easily Make Your Reservation

Now you can easily contact us. Then you can get detailed information about the luxury yacht organizations we are offering. After this you can make your reservation easily. For all this you can just call us at our phone numbers below. Moreover, you can get information by sending an email to [email protected].

For detailed information and to make your reservation: 0 850 840 30 30 or 0 212 909 19 19.